Switz ZR is the laboratory porcelain that allows labs to offer premium, all-ceramic restorations affordable. By delivering dependable shades, easy handling and process efficiencies. Specifically adapted for use with high strength zirconium frameworks, making them ideal for the fabrication of delicate substructures such as bridges.

Characteristic of Switz ZR porcelains, PFZ handles easily and enables technicians to replicate natural dentition or to custom-craft to meet the patient’s cosmetic needs.

Advantages and Benefits
  • Switz ZR is a highly-esthetic, fine-structure feldspar ceramic that is perfectly adapted to the CTE value of zirconia frameworks – regardless of whether they are white, colored or translucent.
  • Excellent bonding for reliable results and long-term success.
  • Superior aesthetics on high tensile strength zirconium frameworks.
ProgramStart TempDry TimeHeat RateFinal TempHoldVacuum StartVacuum Stop
1st Opaque4004.00609501.00450950
2nd Opaque4004.00609501.00450950
1st Buildup4004.00609201.00450920
2nd Buildup4004.00609201.00450910
Glaze PFM4004.00608801.0000
Zr Build Up 14004.00608001.00450800
Zr Build Up 24004.00608001.00450780
Zircon Glaze4004.00607801.0000
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