The Switz PFM ceramic features true-to-nature properties ranging from the light-optical features to the enamel-like abrasion behavior. With the well balanced and excellently thought-out concept of Switz PFM, the individual design possibilities are virtually boundless. To give superb color matching of natural tooth structures, even in the thinnest of layers, an array of unique shades have been developed for Switz PFM with particularly deep chroma, high fluorescence, opalescence and/or high transparency.

The broad range of our Switz-PFM TM layering porcelains covers with graded baking temperatures between 920c°C / 1688 °F and 790°C / 1454°F conventional dental alloys with high thermal expansion CTE 14-15 10-6 K-1.

Advantages and Benefits
  • The true-to-nature light scattering with the high translucency and brightness of the ceramic enable thorough masking of the metal framework.
  • Our Research and Development team in the Switzerland have taken the efforts of Colour Shading technique used in Low Fusing Ceramics and applied it to the new Switz PFM Porcelain System.
  • This innovative manufacturing process ensures that every porcelain layer is exactly matched to the shade guide. The entire system – from the opaques, through the dentine and then Ename
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ProgramStart TempDry TimeHeat RateFinal TempHoldVacuum StartVacuum Stop
1st Opaque4004.00609501.00450950
2nd Opaque4004.00609501.00450950
1st Buildup4004.00609201.00450920
2nd Buildup4004.00609201.00450910
Glaze PFM4004.00608801.0000
Zr Build Up 14004.00608001.00450800
Zr Build Up 24004.00608001.00450780
Zircon Glaze4004.00607801.0000
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