Switz Ceram is adapted to meet the needs of its particular fabrication process and framework, such as its coefficient of thermal expansion (or CTE). Stress cracks and fractures are therefore avoided, which ensures strong bonding, adhesion and retention. With Switz Ceram, the technician needs to master only one layering technique and one shade system. With the time saved by using identical processing methods for all components using a single shade system and removing the need to re-adjust to other unaccustomed layering techniques or layering systems, Switz Ceram gives the technician more essential time to be creative.

  • Available in 16-VITA natural shades from A1 to D4.
  • Compatible with all conventional high fusing PFM alloys CTE ranging from 13.7 – 15.3 X 10-6 K-1.
Advantages and Benefits
  • Switz Ceram balances light diffusion and chroma, this ceramic combines the optical characteristics of dentin and incisal powders in one material.
  • Offers a quick and easy single-layer technique.
  • Provides time-saving by up to 50 % per restoration.
  • The Switz1 powder allows the build up of fully anatomical posterior and anterior restorations for firing in one single step.

Switz Ceram is based on the structural form of nature and made to the highest quality. This means the optical properties of the restoration, such as diffuse reflection, Fluorescence, opalescence and translucency, mimic those of the natural tooth.

Its surface can also be easily polished enabling realistic mirror reflection and so a natural glossy sheen. Whatever the indication or fabrication process employed, a beautiful, natural-looking restoration can be made very simply.

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ProgramStart TempDry TimeHeat RateFinal TempHoldVacuum StartVacuum Stop
1st Opaque4004.00609501.00450950
2nd Opaque4004.00609501.00450950
1st Buildup4004.00609201.00450920
2nd Buildup4004.00609201.00450910
Glaze PFM4004.00608801.0000
Zr Build Up 14004.00608001.00450800
Zr Build Up 24004.00608001.00450780
Zircon Glaze4004.00607801.0000
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